Fay Arnold is a nomadic agent and networker. She loves to share questions, ideas and passions.

Since 2020 she creates collaborations and supports ideas in the world of contemporary arts and literature.

Fay deals with Sound Art, Video, Reading Performance/Spoken Word and Print Literature. Her territories include word based Murals and Precarious Art.

Agent Fay connects artists and writers with curators, art spaces and audiences. In her network you will find open minded thinkers and producers. Like her, most of them are based in Europe.

Fay collaborates with freelancers building farsighted task forces, able to work with different viewpoints and related thinking.

Contact Fay

Thank you for sharing questions, ideas, thoughts and passions with me. I love emails to get in touch with you and meetings to start collaborations.

fay @ agentfay.net

And let me have your address. Be first to know about new ideas. Become part of my growing network.

First projects will be shown here in spring 2021.

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